Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Fuck you Society.

Society huh? It's a funny place. It gives people an un-realistic view on 'perfectionism', but at the end of the day, who's perfect? What is perfect exactly? Is there such thing as perfect? I don't think so. What's perfect for one person, is never perfect for everybody else.

Body image is a killer. Literally. Just look in magazines, tell me, what do you see? Cubby girls? Pimples? Pale? No makeup? No.We see airbrushed images of women. Bikini bodies that have really just been adjusted on photoshop. Tan, tan, tan, blonde, blonde, blonde, don't forget no blemishes, nice smooth legs, no cellulite! What percentage of women actually look like that? Seriously! Everyday young girls are being bombarded by airbrushed images of models who probably looked just like them in the first place. Why does the media feel the need to publish this bullshit!? My gorgeous 5 year old cousin already makes comments about the looks of herself and the looks of others, wether it's just a 5 year old girl thing or not, should young girls be making such comments? I don't think so. The same goes for males. They need to be clean shaven, sharp looking, muscles, abs and must always look fantastic in a pair of jocks. That shit takes hard work that not everybody has the time for.